Boosting Libido Can Start in Your Kitchen

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There are a lot of medications you could take to boost your libido levels. But, do you know the food you eat has a strong impact on your libido level? Presently, there are a number of beverages you and your partner could use to improve your sexual performance and satisfaction.

When alcohol is taken in moderation especially on a date, it can make you and your loved one feel relaxed, conversational and set you in a good mood. As wonderful as alcohol is in the realm or romance, we know too well that it has its fair share of risks.

For starters, alcohol interferes with a woman’s ability to reach orgasm and a man’s ability to have an erection.

If you want to improve your libido, then you should stop consuming too much alcohol. New research has shown that red wine, increases circulation of blood in men and women. This increase in circulation is going to have a positive effect on the sexual performance of both sexes.

Libido-boosting beverages

Below are some beverages that can boost your libido level when you take them.

Hot chocolate: Hot chocolate that is made from thick, dark Mexican chocolate can make you feel warm especially during cold nights. Cocoa beans have been used as an aphrodisiac at least since the Aztecs recorded its proposed benefits. Presently, new studies are showing that dark chocolate has libido enhancing properties among other sexual function benefits.

Apple cider: Over the years, Apple has been linked with sex and romance. Apple ciders that are enhanced with spices like cloves and cinnamon can have a very strong effect on your libido level.

Ginseng tea: Many people around the world refer to this as G-tea, not only because it starts with the letter G, but also because it can hit G-spot of a woman. Studies have also shown that Ginseng tea can strongly affect a man’s ability to perform. In some Asian countries, ginseng is used to address ED (erectile dysfunction).

Drinks to avoid

Just as there are a lot of things that can boost your libido, there are others that are going to affect it negatively. Below are a few of them.

Soda: It is not wise for you to make soda become a staple part of your diet. One reason for this is because it is going to affect your health. At times, it can have a serious effect on your mood. What you should do therefore is to avoid diet soda and any form of sweeteners.

Gin and tonic: If you are serious about boosting your sexual health, then you should avoid this popular cocktail. The tonic in this drink contains quinine. Studies have shown that quinine reduces testosterone.

Caffeinated drinks: Caffeine a stimulant just like alcohol. As a stimulant, it is going to make you active, increase your anxiety and ultimately led to low sexual performance.

Soy milk: Studies have shown that soy reduces the production of sperm in men. In some instances, it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

These are just a few of the foods that can boost and reduce your libido levels. Please do research to discover more options, if you’re interested..

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