Could Your Lifestyle Be Affecting Your Testosterone Levels & Does Low Testosterone Damage Your Overall Health?

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Could your lifestyle be affecting your testosterone levels?

Think of your body as a big machine. It will do its work with whatever fuel or raw material you give it. If you eat the right food and have the right kind of consistent behavior, you will be able to rock your testosterone levels and keep them at a healthy level. Testosterone is crucial for men, but it is also important for women, especially those who want to be fit and strong. After all, testosterone does not only benefit your strength; it makes you more assertive, more enduring physically, and it also makes your sexual life more active and fulfilling.

In this article, we will be exploring a couple of lifestyle choices that can affect your testosterone levels. They include: drinking alcohol, hormones in meat, cortisol, and sleep quality.

Drinking alcohol

It has been demonstrated that modern drinking habits decrease testosterone levels by 7%. Consider monitoring the amount of alcohol you consume in order to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Hormones in meat

We all know that consuming red and white meats are beneficial for your health, but don’t be too laid back about it. Consuming too much red meat can cause you to eat a lot of hormones that these animals get injected with at a farm. Consider looking into low hormone and grass-fed meat. They may be a little bit more expensive, but in the end, your testosterone levels will thank you for spending a little extra money.

Cortisol, the stress hormone

If you are under a lot of stress, it is most likely due to cortisol. When you are experiencing or suffering stressful everyday situations, your body produces this hormone. To be brief, cortisol can lower testosterone levels, which is a vicious circle because it makes it harder for you to endure these stressful experiences.

Getting good quality sleep

Getting plenty of sleep is very important. If you don’t, all of your hormone levels will be unbalanced and all over the place. Remember good sleep doesn’t only consist in the amount of time you spent with your eyes closed. You can get quality sleep when you can:

  1. Manage to get to the R.E.M. stage of sleep successfully and in a sufficient and adequate R.E.M. amount
  2. Manage to fall asleep in 30 minutes or less,
  3. Control your routine and environment in a way that lets you sleep throughout the night without interruptions. If you do wake up, try not to be awake more than 20 minutes or it will affect the rest of your night.
  4. Sleep mostly in a bed, sleeping on uncomfortable surfaces can impair your sleep significantly.

Remember to take sleep seriously; it is one of the more important aspects to consider to have optimum hormone levels.

Does low testosterone damage your overall health?

Normally, men associate low testosterone with low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. But new studies have shown that low testosterone levels in men can affect their general health negatively. Testosterone is an essential hormone in males that is responsible for the development of many characteristics like facial hair, muscle growth, a deep voice, and more. Low testosterone occurs when the hormone levels are low. You can determine your testosterone level through a blood test.

Despite the fact that low testosterone levels are commonly associated with low sexual performance and low sex drive, it has also been linked with several health conditions like cardiovascular disease, depression, excess body fat, diabetes, osteoporosis, lack of energy, and a reduction in muscle mass.

Reasons why testosterone levels drop in men

The gradual reduction in testosterone levels in men is a natural process, and it occurs gradually as we age. That said, aging is not the only factor that leads to low testosterone. There are other factors that could contribute to an overall decrease in testosterone levels. They are as follows: radiation, serious injuries to the testicles, chemotherapy, and many more. Drugs like steroids and some diseases that affect the pituitary gland can also cause low testosterone levels.

Can low testosterone affect your sex life?

The role of testosterone plays a significant role in a man’s life. Studies have shown that low testosterone can have a very serious effect on a man’s sex life. Men with low testosterone levels find it very difficult to get, as well as to maintain an erection. Even when they eventually have an erection, it is not as strong as it used to be. The desire of a man to have sex decreases and his testosterone levels decreases as well. Low testosterone can affect the relationship between a man and his partner because he is not able to perform well sexually.

Health conditions

When the testosterone level of a man is low for a very long period, it can lead to a very serious health condition. Men who have low testosterone levels usually suffer from low energy levels and are prone to osteoporosis.

If you have low testosterone levels, consider consulting your doctor so that he can help you in choosing the right approach to addressing your testosterone levels for good.

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