As a form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), hormone pellet therapy mimics the chemical makeup of the hormones naturally produced in your body to deliver results that keep your hormone levels in a therapeutic range for an extended length of time.

Compared with traditional methods, patients find pellet therapy an effective, convenient modality for transferring bioidentical hormones to the body without the need for messy creams, pills, or transdermal patches. The procedure uses a tiny implant to release small, measured doses of hormones into the body.

Unlike other transdermal or oral techniques, this method of hormone delivery remains consistent throughout the day ensure there’s no fluctuations in your mood or energy levels. Pellet hormone therapy is ideal for patients seeking a natural hormone solution with the convenience of dosing only every few months.

Our Kansas City pellet therapy is a game-changing approach to restoring internal balance,improving your well-being, and living the life you deserve.



Derived from natural plant-based sources of testosterone and estrogen, pellets are made under strict federal guidelines using a compounding pharmacist to formulate the ingredients ultimately utilized in the pellets. Size-wise, these pellets are designed to be smaller than a single grain of rice.


At EVRNU, our pellet insertion procedure is administered in-office. You’ll receive the personalized care and attention you deserve while enjoying the services of our stat-of-the-art clinic. After numbing the area using a local anesthetic, your practitioner will carefully insert the prescribed number of pellets into the fatty tissue just below the surface of the skin.

The process takes approximately 10minutes to complete and requires minimal downtime. Patients typically need an average of there to four pellet procedures each year in order to sustain optimal hormone levels and enjoy the perks of feeling healthy, young, and energetic again.

Once implanted, the pellets will naturally imitate the way healthy testicles and ovaries release hormones into the bloodstream. Hormones are releases based on your own, individual cardiac output; meaning how physically active you are or the level of emotional stress you’re under will have a direct impact on timing and levels of hormones released into the body. Those who are regularly active will release and absorb more hormones from the pellets than those living a more inactive lifestyle.

What to Expect

Initial Conversation

Initial Conversation

We’ll get on a call with you to make sure you have all of your basic questions answered. We can take as much time with you as needed. After the call, you’ll understand our process and be excited for the day of your appointment to come!

Lab Testing

Lab Testing

We’ll share a lab order with you through your patient portal. You’ll use that to get your blood drawn either at our clinic or at a draw site most convenient for you. We will help you find the best location. The blood will be drawn at least 1 week prior to your appointment.



During your consultation, we’ll review your lab results, symptoms, and appropriate medical history to develop an individualized treatment plan for you. We don’t have a cookie-cutter program. We identify what would work best for your specific needs.

Pellet Procedure

Pellet Procedure

Here is what you’ve been waiting for. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes and is relatively pain-free. The only thing you should feel is the lidocaine injection to numb the area of insertion. You can have the procedure done the same day as your consultation.

Experience Vitality: Pellet Hormone Therapy For Men

After the age of 30, male testosterone levels are shown to decrease an estimated rate of 3% to 10% per year. Those experiencing testosterone deficiency will face symptoms like loss of libido, fatigue, difficulty sustaining or achieving an erection, and lack of mental acuity. Through pellet hormone therapy, men can start producing and maintaining the level of testosterone normally released by healthy functioning testicles.

Unlike other hormonal treatment options that are costly, come with a daily consumption regimen, and require a strict schedule to coincide with their partner’s sexual needs, pellet therapy offers a natural solution for men and has the following benefits:

  • Improved sperm production, prostatic functioning, and erections.
  • Improved libido
  • Increased bone mineral density
  • Improved memory, mood, and energy levels
  • Reduction in fat tissue
  • Increased muscle mass and strength

Hormonal changes, such as weight gain, a lack of sexual desire, muscle mass loss, irritability, and feeling depressed or sluggish, is not something you must endure as a part of aging. Revitalize your health and live life to the fullest with Kansas City’s premier pellet hormone therapy clinic.

Recharge Your Life: Pellet Hormone Therapy For Women

Pellet hormone therapy offers several advantages for women, including:

  • Relief of mood swings, anxiety, depression, and irritability
  • Relief of menopausal symptoms
  • Improved libido, sex drive, and performance
  • Maintenance of bone density
  • Restoration of a healthy sleep cycle
  • Treatment of incontinence and vaginal dryness

In addition, research has shown natural testosterone production to be an important addition to your entire wellness picture, as it helps prevent a number of health-related conditions such as dementia, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis.