Low Libido Is More Common in Women Than You May Think

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Sex is enjoyable, sex shouldn’t bring pain, and sex is also fun. Usually, sexual performance is tied to sexual activity. As humans, we are more sexually active than each another with a high and low libido. This is simply because the hormones that trigger sex drive are more pronounced in some persons than others. The question of whether it is men who crave for sex or women who want it more is a big debate. It is very annoying to be ready for sexual activity, and your partner just looks disinterested or isn’t having a similar urge or struggles with a low libido.

For the men, it is not uncommon to be disinterested in sex. Regardless of the move your partner makes, your sex organs are not just responsive. There are several factors responsible for this. Sometimes, it may just be due to your state of mind, and at other times, it may be due to a medical condition. In women, many factors are responsible for lack of sexual desire too. Some of these factors are personal; others are emotional or due to lifestyle changes. Physical factors such as fatigue, surgery, and illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and high blood pressure can be responsible too.

How can women maintain a healthy sex life?

Low libido is a common occurrence in women. Due to this, some women find it difficult to be sexually aroused. To remain sexually active, it is important to maintain a healthy diet as a woman. Eat clean and healthy food and avoid junk food. It is also very important to engage in regular physical exercise as a woman. By so doing, you constantly regulate the sugar content in the blood and overcome diabetes. Regular exercise also helps to preserve your attractiveness as a woman and keep you in shape. Regular fitness exercise helps you to burn unnecessary fat and keep your stature, shape, and curves intact.

You could also consider using supplements to maintain your sexual activeness. It a known fact that hormones are responsible for sexual sensitivity and the more they are, the more sexually interested you become as a woman. Therefore, as a woman, if you observe signs of dwindling interest in sex or sexual pleasure, talk to your doctor about it. Do not rush to the drug store to buy drugs or supplements as this could be counterproductive.

If you observe a sudden disinterest in sex as a woman, this is not the time to panic. Firstly, you must know that this is not abnormal as women are expected to lose interest in sex as they grow older. However, if you are still in your prime and you just never feel the urge to make love, this is a big worry, and you must take necessary action.

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