Unlock A Healthier Future Through Collaborative Wellness

At EVRNU, our mission is to amplify your well-being by introducing you to some of the best health and wellness providers in the nation. We’ve established partnerships with a full spectrum of services to help you address your entire wellness picture and boost your quality of life. All of our partners offer discounted rates and specialized packages designed exclusively for our clients.

Dr. Christina McDowell, Ph.D.

As a nationally certified sex therapist with a Ph.D. in Integrative Health Psychology, Dr. Christina McDowell helps both individuals and couples address a wide scope of sex-related issues, including painful sex, sex after cancer, sexual dysfunction, rediscovering passion in a long-term relationship, redesigning your relationship, mismatched libido, adding kink into your relationship, sex education, recovery from infidelity, gender dysphoria and exploration of one’s sexual and gender identity.

Sex is always a difficult topic to discuss. Maybe you want to expand yourself sexually or you and your partner want to spice up your sex life. Whatever the case may be, Dr. McDowell has been practicing for over eighteen years and has the expertise necessary to help you tackle your goals.

In addition to providing sex therapy, Dr. McDowell also offers coaching services for creatives. Whether you’re experiencing the all-too-familiar creative block, doubting your value, distraught with social anxiety over presenting your work or engaging in networking events, have fears about the competition, or paralyzed by the idea that your dreams won’t come into fruition, Dr. McDowell can help you get reacquainted with your confident, creative side.

Kristen Thomas – Founder of Open the Doors Coaching

Looking for a safe and confidential environment to share your story and seek help? Kristen is an AASECT Certified Sex Coach who specializes in relationships, dating, and sex therapy. After dedicating numerous years to her career as a weight loss coach at Jenny Craig, Kristen discovered her passion for coaching others and helping them achieve the lifestyle they’ve always envisioned for themselves.

Kristen works with clients to bolster their confidence, identify their goals, and strengthen their communication skills. Whether you’re experiencing a disconnect with your partner in the bedroom or need support navigating single life, Kristen will work with you to develop techniques and uncover resources that are customized to fit your particular needs. Helping individuals and couples nurture their love lives is what aspires Kristen to engage in her line of work.

Craving a little more insight on what exactly sex coaching is? Sex coaching is just like any other form of coaching, and it requires a collaborate process. Think of Kristen as your advocate and partner who is focused on guiding you towards a path of self-fulfillment, happiness, and healthiness. As Kristen says, “Every person is different, so every consultation is different. It’s a mix of: sexuality information and education, redirected mental framing, emotional balancing, behavioral training, and referrals to resources.”

Elite Physicals

Seeking a thorough, in-depth physical exam? Meet Elite Physicians – a team of skilled physicians hand-selected by Neal Erickson, MD; Sporting Kansas City’s highly esteemed primary care physician. Leveraging Pinnacle’s Olympian-grade equipment, Elite Physicians offers a luxury experience for the needs of superior athletes. With the goal of taking the guesswork out of your health and maximizing your performance, Elite combines optimal sports medicine testing with the nation’s leading medical experts to deliver an unparalleled and effective experience.

On exam day, your concierge will escort you to the United States National Team’s locker room and provide you with Sporting KC-issued training gear to change into. You’ll then receive a comprehensive exam, including stops at the VO2 max, DEXA scan, echocardiogram, DARI motion analysis, Dietitian, Quantaflo measurement, Dermatologist, and more. To finish on a high note, you’ll get to inject a little personal relaxation time into your day with a massage and a session in the facility’s cryotherapy recovery chamber.

You can expect nothing less than world-class services with Elite Physicians. Their full-body evaluation eliminates distractions, health and injury-related fears, and stress, allowing you to place your focus on athletic training and maximize your game. There’s no better peace of mind than knowing how to maintain a peak performance level both on and off the field.

Dr. Tim Cummings – Founder of Restore/Thrive

Built on the foundation of delivering top-notch services for the local community and worldwide, Retore/Thrive offers unrivaled physical therapy, fitness training and strength building, and conditioning for active adults and athletes. Operating on the philosophy that true healthcare requires being proactive, not just reactive, Dr. Tim Cummings and his wife, Jess, are focused on raising the standard of care in both medicine and the gym.

Tim splits his time between helping athletes, coaches, and parents repair acute and long-standing orthopedic injuries and designing post-rehab training programs for individuals seeking to reclaim their active lifestyle post-injury. He holds certifications as a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainer, an IMPACT Concussion Management Provider, and was the first physical therapist in Kansas to earn recognition as a MovNat certified trainer and a MobilityWOD Certified Practitioner.

His wife, Dr. Jess Cummings, specializes in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. Her clients include recreational and competitive athletes, acute and chronic spine and extremity injuries, and working mom’s like her who want to inspire and be a role model for their children. She’s extremely passionate about educating clients on integrative medicine and lifestyle management techniques to help optimize their health and speed up their healing time.

In addition to their suite of services, Restore/Thrive is engaged in several charitable and philanthropic efforts. Their current giving program donates ten percent of their revenue to the non-profit group, Standup Kids. They’ve selected this charity as they firmly believe our children desperately need to be nurtured and cared for.

Westport Therapy

Let’s be honest: life is hard. It doesn’t mean you’re mentally unwell, it simply means you need a little help – and that’s ok! As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Megan Mulheron is trained in Systemic Therapy, which focuses on interactional patterns and dynamics within each family, addressing needs on both an individual and group level.

She is also passionate about using techniques, such as Attachment Family Therapy, Structural Family Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution-Focused Therapy. Megan is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator – a methodology focused on improving shame resilience skills and developing practices that can be incorporated into one’s daily routine to ultimately transform the way they live, love, parent, and lead.

The Daring Way™ can be facilitated in educational, clinical, and professional settings among couples, individuals, work teams, families, and organizational leaders. In addition to this practice area, Megan also offers individual and couples therapy. For couples, including those in the LGBTQ community, Megan strives to help partners knock down obstacles that are preventing them from enjoying their love and relationship.

For individuals, Megan focuses on helping people piece together aspects of their life that have gone astray and led them to feel unfulfilled. She stresses that therapy isn’t just for someone living in an inpatient mental health facility. It’s also incredibly effective for the vast majority of individuals that walk around with a smidge of anxiety or touch of depression, yet continue to trudge through life, taking care of their family and going to work without truly feeling their best.

Travel Unrivaled

Escape the ordinary and welcome adventure with open arms. At Travel Unrivaled, they believe the true treasure of living lies in soul-freeing, adrenaline-pumping experiences that are achieved each time you receive a new stamp on your passport. The world is packed with wonderful sites to encounter and Travel Unrivaled’s mission is to connect people with new experiences designed to expand their minds and enhance their quality of life.

What’s your dream destination? Do you envision yourself sunbathing on the Amalfi coast, trekking through the Amazon rainforest, setting sail on the Mediterranean, or glamping – a.k.a. luxury camping – in Kenya? Whatever you have your sights set on, Travel Unrivaled designs customized travel packages aimed at turning your travel goals into reality.

Founder, Robert Riesmeyer, and CMO, Christie Nordmeyer, started the company to help others with similar worldly aspirations and a thirst for exploring the globe enjoy the beauty of travel. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, they believe in customization, unique experiences, and tailoring packages so you can begin checking off your bucket list items.