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We offer the most advanced and effective sexual function optimization treatments available. And we pride ourselves on being one of the first clinics in the country specializing in sexual function optimization for both men and women. And while there are other clinics and spas that offer similar treatments...

…there are very few dedicated to intimate health for men, women, and couples. Yep, that's right - couples. We want to help couples achieve the deep intimacy and, of course, great sex that promotes healthy and enjoyable relationships. So if you want an increased sex drive, rock star-like performance, and more intimacy in your relationship... ...then EVRNU is here for you!

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  • Harder and more sustained erections
  • The best performance since your 20s
  • Peyronie’s relief
  • Testosterone optimization
  • Improved sensitivity for more enjoyable sex
  • Decreased refractory period, which means less time between erections and arousal
  • Increased sex drive and stamina

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