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Anti-Aging Sexual Wellness

There are a number of conditions that can lead to decreased sexual drive and performance. But none of them are as certain as aging. Statistics will tell you that not everyone will acquire the many different diseases associated with sexual dysfunction, but all of us will age. And with that logic in mind, all of us – at some point – will have to deal with the sexual degradation associated with aging.

Before you brush off the importance of sexual health in older individuals, it’s important to point out that healthy sexual experiences and functioning are vital to physical, emotional, and mental well-being at any age.

If you’re one of the millions of older individuals dealing with sexual health problems associated with aging, then we have the services to help you. Achieve optimal sexual wellness and enjoy your sexuality no matter your age with Evrnu’s diverse range of sexual health treatments and therapies.

How Does Aging Affect Sexual Performance and Desire?

As you’ve aged, you might have noticed several changes in your sexual performance and drive. In men, these changes may include:

  • Difficulty or inability sustaining a sufficient erection
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Decreased penile sensitivity
  • Depleted semen output
  • Difficulty reaching sexual climax
  • Insufficient energy to support sexual performance
  • Erectile dysfunction

In women, the sex-related symptoms associated with aging may include:

  • Inability to experience satisfying orgasms of sufficient intensity, or the absence of orgasm all together
  • Decreased sexual drive
  • Decreased vaginal sensitivity
  • Decreased vaginal secretions
  • Painful sex
  • Infertility

Why do these symptoms develop? All in all, we can trace the problem back to the level of sex hormones available in older age groups.

The Role of Sex Hormones

Sex hormones are regulatory substances that oversee a variety of sex related functions among others. In essence, a person’s sex hormones are what drive sexual desire and performance. Without the right amount of hormones in the body, a person may have difficulty in a number of different aspects involving sexual performance and satisfaction.

Decreased levels of sex hormones naturally occur in old age, and this may result to:

  • Weight gain
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Mood changes
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Increased stress
  • Irritability

In many ways, these outcomes are also associated with poor sexual performance and libido. So, in effect, the decrease of sex hormones leads to symptoms that further exacerbate the problem, creating a vicious cycle that continues to weigh down on an individual’s sexual health.

Treating Age-Related Sexual Dysfunction

A lot of individuals who fall into older age brackets tend to brush their sexual health under the rug because of certain societal stigmas. We’re often convinced that sex isn’t for older people, but the opposite is actually true. Sex doesn’t rely on a person’s age, but instead depends on how well an individual optimizes their sexual health regardless of their age.

Here at Evrnu, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy maximum sexual wellness to support overall health at any age. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of treatments and therapies that aim to fine-tune your sexual desire and performance without the age bias.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We offer a variety of hormone replacement therapies in a diverse range of delivery methods to meet every client’s unique needs. Our skilled sexual health doctors put together individualized plans that acknowledge the uniqueness of each client to provide you targeted care that truly solves your sexual health problems as you experience them.

We take pride in our provision of quality care that’s safe and effective through the use of bioidentical hormones that limit side-effects and adverse reactions across patients of different medical histories and backgrounds. We offer testosterone replacement therapy and pellet hormone replacement therapy to both men and women.

O-Shot and P-Shot Treatments

The Orgasm Shot and the Priapus Shot – shortened to O-Shot and P-Shot – are treatments that use platelet rich plasma in order to enhance and reinforce the structures that supply the male and female genitalia. In doing this, these treatment options aim to enhance sensitivity and increase blood circulation in order to help men and women respond more readily to sexual stimulation. The P-Shot for men has also been found to be an effective solution against erectile dysfunction.

Viveve Treatment

Older women dealing with vaginal laxity can opt for Viveve Treatment. This non-invasive, pain-free procedure promotes the generation of new collagen fibers in order to improve vaginal tightness. In effect, women can experience heightened sexual sensitivity to improve satisfaction and orgasm quality and frequency.

GAINSWave Treatment

Developed specifically for men, GAINSWave treatment aims to clear away atherosclerotic plaque that may be obstructing the blood vessels in the genital region. This helps improve blood circulation, paving the way for efficient penile engorgement for enhanced erections.

The process of GAINSWave also promotes the synthesis of new blood vessels and rejuvenates nerve fibers to increase penile sensitivity. Much like the Viveve treatment for women, GAINSWave is 100% non-invasive and pain-free.

What’s the Right Treatment for You?

Despite experiencing the same symptoms that your peers might be manifesting, it’s important to note that every person is different. That means what might be causing your sexual problems might not be the same as what causes it for others. In the same light, what sexual health treatments work for someone else might not work for you.

To find the best treatment for you, it’s best that you visit the best anti-aging clinic Kansas City has to offer – and that’s Evrnu. We provide our clients with world class services through our highly-experienced, board licensed sexual health doctors who promise superb professionalism to keep you comfortable throughout the entire sexual wellness treatment process. Plus, our diverse range of treatment options allow us to properly and efficiently address each unique case to guarantee satisfying results.

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