BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy)

The human sex hormones are regulatory substances that oversee a number of important physiological functions. Aside from supporting the development of the sex characteristics that define men from women, sex hormones are also responsible for certain moods and behaviors associated with intercourse. That said, it can be assumed that sex hormones are vital for optimal sexual wellness and health.

When these hormones are depleted, you can expect pronounced impact on your sexual well-being. Unfortunately, because the facets of our health overlap and intertwine, poor sexual wellness can have a negative impact on physical, mental, and emotional health as well.

On the upside, there is a diverse range of treatment options available for individuals with depleted hormone levels or inefficient hormone production. The most common and most easily accessible is hormone replacement therapy.

At Evrnu, we don’t only offer HRT, but bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This premier, revolutionary HRT program gives you natural hormones that mimic the chemical structure of sex hormones as they occur in your body. In effect, BHRT is a safer, more effective alternative compared to HRT programs that use synthetic formulations. We offer BHRT for low-t as a form of natural testosterone replacement therapy. We also offer BHRT in the form of hormone pellet therapy for both men and women.

The Difference Between Bioidentical VS Synthetic Hormones

Anyone seeking hormone replacement therapy will be confronted with the comparison of bioidentical and synthetic hormones. Essentially, these two types constitute what you might find on the market and may present completely different experiences for those who use them.

Basically, bioidentical hormones are typically referred to as ‘natural’ hormones. This is because they match the hormones produced in the body on a molecular level. In contrast, synthetic hormones incorporate a chemical modification to alter how they work in the body or to enable the manufacturers to patent their formulation. Ultimately, synthetic hormones will incorporate the basic chemical structure of the hormone they mimic but with the addition of a side chain or functional group that alters the original blueprint.

Why is It Important to Know the Difference?

There is a clinical significance to the variations between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormones. When used for hormone replacement therapy, synthetic hormones can cause more side-effects and adverse reactions. Why? This is because of the addition of a side chain or functional group that completely alters the way that our bodies metabolize the substance.

When we use synthetic hormones for HRT, we put greater pressure on our liver due to the foreign chemical structure. In the end, the hormones will be metabolized to produce the same results, but the process by which that happens can manifest side effects that make treatment difficult, uncomfortable, and even painful in some cases.

On the other hand, bioidentical hormones don’t pose the same risks. These natural substances match the exact chemical structure of the hormones produced in your body. So when they’re introduced into your system, they can be more readily metabolized. This reduces the toxic load on your liver, and even curbs the risk for cancer that’s typically associated with synthetic hormones.

The Unique Benefits of BHRT

Some studies have found that the use of synthetic hormones can actually increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, and bone disease. Considering the fact that HRT is often a long-term treatment program, the extended exposure to the chemicals in synthetic hormones risk toxicity in the long run.

That’s why doctors highly recommend the use of natural, bioidentical hormones instead. Aside from providing all of the same benefits as synthetic hormones in terms of sexual health, bioidentical hormones have also been found to reduce the risk for disease associated with synthetic alternatives.

This makes BHRT a more holistic approach to optimal wellness, doing more for you than just addressing sexual health concerns. In essence, BHRT can help you:

  • Restore hormone levels for healthy sex drive and optimal performance
  • Enhance energy levels
  • Improve strength and increase lean muscle mass
  • Lose excess weight and attain a healthy physique
  • Curb the possibility of cancer, stroke, bone disease, liver disease, and heart disease
  • Slow the process of aging
  • Optimize sleep patterns for more satisfying, regular sleep
  • Achieve optimal overall health and wellness.

The Best BHRT Kansas City Has to Offer at Evrnu

Evrnu is the premier sexual health clinic in Kansas City, offering clients a diverse selection of hormone treatments that use the finest, premium bioidentical hormones for maximum sexual health and wellness. Our team of trained, board licensed doctors are equipped with the knowledge and skill needed to determine the right hormone dosage for your unique case. Experience outstanding results through treatment that’s individualized for your safety and enjoy comfort and confidentiality through our world class sexual health services.

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