GAINSWave Sound-Wave Therapy for ED

One in every two men over the age of 40 will experience some level of erectile dysfunction. In those affected, 20% will suffer complete erectile dysfunction.

While no man ever wants to deal with the idea of a penis that no longer performs, erectile dysfunction may be a possibility for all men. With every decade of age, the number of men affected by ED increases 10%. By the age of 60, up to 70% of men will experience ED.

Although surrounded by stigma, erectile dysfunction is a very common condition affecting older men. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of those suffering from ED seek medical attention and treatment because of the embarrassment that envelopes the condition.

At Evrnu, we strive to provide our clients the comfort in knowing that we understand these conditions. It is our objective to provide each of our clients sound, effective medical treatment that promises to relieve the problems that might be taking a toll on their sexual health and overall well-being.

For erectile dysfunction, we offer a range of potential treatments and therapies that can help men achieve stronger, longer erections for a more satisfying sexual experience. One of our most popular therapies comes in the form of GAINSWave Treatment.

What is GAINSWave Treatment?

GAINSWave Treatment is a specialized therapy for men that aims to resolve erectile dysfunction. The procedure is non-invasive and requires zero drugs or chemicals throughout the process. GAINSWave helps relieve ED by encouraging proper blood circulation and promoting the production of new blood vessels throughout the penis.

How is GAINSWAve Treatment Performed?

GAINSWave Treatment is available through licensed sexual health care providers like Evrnu. When you step into our clinic for GAINSWave, our doctors first assess your medical background and history. A concise clinical picture describing your specific case is developed in order to provide you targeted care that’s uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

If it’s determined that you may benefit from the process of GAINSWave, then the treatment can be initiated. This is performed by delivery high-frequency acoustic waves to the penis and surrounding structures. These waves break down plaque build up to open up blood vessels to better circulation. They also encourage the development of new blood vessels in order to increase the amount of blood that flows through the penis.

Aside from improving circulation, GAINSWave Treatment also enhances sensitivity. Nerve fibers in the penis are rejuvenated and restored, allowing men to experience greater pleasure during sex, and thus achieve improved sexual performance.

The GAINSWave protocol requires a minimum of 6 sessions and a maximum of 12 to generate significant results. Consult with your ED health doctor to determine the ideal length of treatment for your specific case.

Why is GAINSWave Effective?

Keep in mind that there are a variety of factors that contribute to the development of a sufficient erection. These include psychological, physical, and emotional factors that all create a chain reaction in the male system to initiate and sustain an erection.

The main physical process that occurs during an erection is engorgement. When stimulated, blood rushes to the penis which in turn causes it to stiffen and elongate. GAINSWave is thus an effective solution because of its potent effects on sensitivity and circulation.

GAINSWave aims to improve penile sensitivity, making it more responsive to external stimulation. When the penis detects sexual stimulation after treatment, it becomes more receptive and thus readily reacts. With the blood vessels in the penis cleared of plaque that could be impeding blood flow, engorgement becomes more significant, allowing better quality erections for improved sexual performance and pleasure.

The Benefits of GAINSWave Treatment

GAINSWave Treatment has become exceedingly popular among men seeking to improve their sexual performance for several reasons. As a unique treatment option, this non-invasive procedure offers a list of benefits that make it a sound solution against ED.

  • Longer lasting, improved erections
  • Increased sexual drive
  • Enhanced penile sensitivity
  • Spontaneous, effortless erections
  • Improved orgasms
  • Improved overall sexual wellness
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain-free

Another reason why men tend to opt for GAINSWave to treat ED is because of the fact that it offers long-lasting effects. When the sessions are completed, an individual may enjoy the benefits of GAINSWave for up to 3 years afterwards without the need for performance enhancing drugs, supplements, or adjunct treatments.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that GAINSWave Treatment has no known side-effects or adverse reactions. It’s 100% safe for men of all ages, and it doesn’t pose a risk to men with pre-existing medical conditions. This is because the procedure doesn’t interfere with hormonal levels, and does not introduce new chemicals or drugs into your system. So it makes an ideal solution against ED for those who might have developed the condition secondary to disease or illness.

For Your GAINSWave Needs Kansas City Clinic Evrnu is Here to Help

At Evrnu, we believe that erectile dysfunction is a common, normal, and completely curable condition. Through extensive research and training, our team of board licensed sexual health doctors are equipped with the knowledge and skill needed to help you free yourself from ED.

Our GAINSWave Treatment option has become one of the most popular in Kansas City because of our highly-effective methods that prioritize your comfort and confidence. Develop a custom treatment plan to target your unique condition, and enjoy professionalism like no other from our team of expert doctors.

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