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Similar to our skin, vaginal tissue is made of intricate webs of collagen fiber which lend it elasticity and tightness. These are necessary features that allow the vagina to accommodate a male partner during intercourse. In the same light, elasticity is also a vital factor that allows normal vaginal childbirth.

During the process of birth however, it’s possible for these tissues to overstretch. When this happens, the collagen fibers may be damaged, causing the vagina to loosen and lose its original elasticity.

This is termed ‘vaginal laxity’, a condition characterized by loose vaginal tissue that widens the vaginal structure. In many cases, vaginal laxity can significantly reduce the pleasure a woman experiences during sex because of decreased sensitivity. In some instances, women may also develop psychological symptoms like anxiety out of worry that they might not be satisfying their partner.

Fortunately, vaginal laxity is a problem that can be easily resolved through a variety of treatments offered at Evrnu. One of our most effective and pain-free treatment options is Viveve.

What is Viveve Treatment?

Specifically developed to restore the original tightness and elasticity of vaginal tissue, Viveve Treatment is an outpatient, painless, non-surgical procedure that’s ideal for women of all ages. The process is relatively short, taking no more than 30 minutes after consultation. As the only proven effective and safe treatment option for vaginal introital laxity, this procedure has become a popular choice among women who want to restore their libido and experience greater pleasure during sex.

How is Viveve Performed?

The treatment is performed after a consultation with a sexual health doctor. The procedure entails the use of a radiofrequency machine, delivering precisely measured energy to the tissue of the vagina to stimulate the production of new collagen fibers.

The formation of collagen restores tightness and helps improve the elasticity of the vagina in order to feel narrower. This increases sensitivity during sex, allowing women to enjoy a more pleasurable experience. In the same way, this regained tightness also benefits male partners as the vagina closely engages the penis during sex.

What are the Benefits of Viveve Treatment?

Viveve Treatment is a revolutionary solution against vaginal laxity, and has become more and more prominent throughout the years because of the unique advantages it offers women. Some of these include:

  • Greater pleasure response during sex
  • Increased libido or sexual drive
  • Improved intimate relationship with your partner
  • Enhanced overall sexual wellness
  • A deeper feeling of youthfulness and vigor among women in older age groups

Aside from that, the procedure itself may be ideal for most women who want a low-effort, easy, and quick solution against vaginal laxity. Viveve is a simple process that puts your comfort front and center with its speedy procedure which maximizes:

  • After consultation, clients will spend a mere 30 minutes for the entire procedure.
  • No need to actively take pills or administer shots in order to experience the full effects of treatment.
  • Studies have found that one session may be sufficient to provide women significant results even after 12 months.
  • Requiring no more than a single session, Viveve can be a cost-effective solution for women working within a budget.

Does Viveve Treatment Cause Side Effects?

Side effects are very rare and when they do occur, they’re usually very mild to moderate. These effects can resolve on their own, and are unlikely to cause significant discomfort or pain.

Some of the reactions you can expect after treatment include:

  • White vaginal discharge with no or mild odor
  • Redness and swelling in the area of treatment
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Tingling sensations

These symptoms should subside in as short as 48 hours after the procedure. If you suspect that your reactions worsen with time, seek medical attention immediately to properly address the potential risk.

In very rare cases, especially when Viveve is performed by unskilled providers, individuals may experience infections requiring the use of antibiotics. Fortunately, we at Evrnu guarantee sanitary and safe procedures for all out clients, significantly reducing the risk for infection through our world class facilities, trained specialists, and sterile equipment and tools.

Who Can Benefit from Viveve Treatment?

In general, women of all ages can benefit from Viveve Treatment. Even women who might not have given birth but want to enjoy the sexual pleasure associated with a tighter vaginal structure may avail of the treatment.

However, there are a few instances when Viveve might not be ideal. Women with implanted pacemakers, automatic implantable cardioverter/defibrillators, and other implanted electronic or mechanical devices might not be fit to receive Viveve. Always consult your doctor and provide a detailed medical history to determine whether Viveve Treatment can be safe for you.

Premier Viveve Treatment in Kansas City Through Evrnu

We understand that issues concerning sexual health can make most women feel embarrassed and apprehensive. That’s why we strive to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the whole treatment process.

We treat our clients with utmost professionalism, promoting an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality that makes it easy for you to share the intricacies of your sexual wellness. This in turn allows us to develop individualized treatment plans that accurately target sexual wellness problems as you experience them.

If you suffer from vaginal laxity, our Viveve Treatment can be an effective solution. Our trained medical staff provide safe treatment procedures that minimize the risk of infections and guarantee your satisfaction.

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