Testosterone Therapy Benefits and You

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What you gain from undergoing sessions at EVRNU.

Low testosterone is a medical condition that occurs in men whose testes have trouble producing the hormone. Men over the age of 60 are more likely to experience the issue with the American Urological Association noting that two out of ten men in that age group are affected by symptoms such as lack of sex drive, tiredness, and depression. The risk of having lower levels of testosterone increases when men reach their 70s and 80s with three out of ten men suffering from bone and muscle loss because of the condition.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy replaces missing androgens through injections, topical or oral prescriptions. Men who experience low testosterone may have the treatment option recommended to them by their primary care physician. If experiencing greater health as you age is a priority, you’ll find the following list of benefits of testosterone therapy valuable.

Among the many advantages this type of therapy delivers are:

  • A stronger libido. Experience a greater desire to have sex going forward with increased testosterone levels. Better intimacy often occurs because of a man’s stronger desire to be sexual with his partner.
  • Fewer instances of erectile dysfunction. Avoid the disappointment and embarrassment that comes with erectile issues. Enjoy better sexual experiences and fewer interruptions due to an increase in hormones.
  • Increased muscle mass. Have a stronger and more supportive frame thanks to the therapeutic services you’ve chosen to take part in. As you age, your bone and muscle mass naturally decreases.
  • More energy and fewer occurrences of fatigue. You’ll feel able to greet the day and all it has in store for you better than before because you won’t feel depleted of energy the way you do when your testes aren’t producing testosterone like they’re supposed to. Your confidence levels will soar because you’ll feel more like your ‘normal’ self once again.
  • Better overall mood. Mental fogginess and depression are two symptoms experienced by some men with low testosterone levels. People will notice a difference in how you’re showing up in the world because your enthusiasm for life is hard to miss.

As noted, there are many benefits to taking part in testosterone therapy. It’s highly recommended for men who are experiencing symptoms such as low sex drive, decreased muscle mass, and fatigue. It improves a man’s sexual health and overall well-being by making them feel more energetic and capable of engaging in meaningful intercourse without fear or embarrassment affecting their performance. If you want to give your love life a significant boost in quality, consider how testosterone therapy can play a role in your relationship.

Schedule an Appointment for Testosterone Therapy Today

Low levels of testosterone can interfere with your sex life. It lowers your sex drive and contributes to erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and fatigue. Testosterone therapy helps you overcome physical challenges caused by decreased testosterone levels in your testes. EVRNU, a sexual function optimization clinic, offers services that meet your needs and scheduling preferences. Contact us today for more information about testosterone therapy and how it can improve your sex life and strengthen your intimate relationships.

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