Top 7 Exercises to Improve Sexual Health

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The major reason, why many people workout is to become healthier and get a great body. New studies have shown that exercise can also help to improve sexual health. If you can work out for at least twenty minutes daily, you will be more likely to be aroused sexually. Flexibility is a very important factor especially when it comes to sexual performance. If you add working out to your daily routine, you will become more flexible. When you are flexible, you and your partner will be able to experiment with different position, without the risk of aches or pain. In this article, we are going to be looking at seven exercise that will improve your sexual health.

Of course, working is difficult, but if you push yourself every day, you are going to experience a massive improvement in your physical as well as your sexual health.


Squats are a very important exercise that you should never ignore because they are excellent for toning as well as for shaping your legs. Squatting promotes the flow of blood below waist region, which will go a long way in improving your sexual performance. When squatting, ensure that you don’t allow your knees press in front of your toes so that you don’t get a muscles injury.


Kegel exercise is a yet another important exercise especially when it comes to sexual health because it helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles which play an important role in orgasm. Another thing that makes this exercise perfect for improving your sexual performance is that it targets the muscles that tighten and releases during sex. You don’t need any special equipment to perform this exercise, all you have to do is to lie down on the floor or stand, while in this position, focus on tightening your pelvic muscles. Hold on ten seconds. If you want to get more out of this exercise, then you have to do it consistently every day.


This exercise targets the arm which is important for carrying our daily activities as well as during sex. When you work on your triceps, you will become knuckles as well as your wrist will become stronger and less likely to be injured especially during sex. Of course, you don’t have to go to the gym or to buy some fancy equipment in other to carry out this exercise; all you need is a chair or a slightly elevated platform.


This is one of the most common as well as effective exercise when it comes to general as well as sexual health. When you do a push-up, you are indirectly working out every part of your body at the same time. But the major part of the body that push-ups targets are the core and the abs region. Again, you don’t need any equipment to perform this exercise. All you need is a spacious environment. To perform a perfect push up, you need to first stay in a plank position, and slowly bring your body down and back to a plank position. Ensure that you don’t hunch your shoulders or tighten your neck.

If you are new to push-up, it is likely going to be difficult for you at first, but if you persist, it is going to become easier and easier for you.


This exercise strengthens important muscle group that is required by a lot of sex positions. This exercise is also associated with yogi who is believed to improve the flow of blood to the pelvic region. To perform an upward dog, all you need to do to lie on the floor and bring both of your hands to your side. Next, lift only your upper body up with the aid of your hand.


This exercise targets the lower back, hips and the hamstrings. It is best you do this exercise after you are done with the upward dog.


The reason why this exercise can improve sexual health is that it targets the muscles in the pelvis and the groin.

If you add this exercise to your workout routine, you are going to perform better sexually.

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