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For Men

GAINSWave Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

GAINSWave Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

GAINSWave is a revolutionary male sexual performance procedure that uses low-intensity sound waves (also referred to as acoustic wave therapy) to improve sexual function in men, even if they suffer from a Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s disease.

Did you know that over 80% of erectile dysfunction issues are caused by poor blood flow? GAINSWave is a safe and effective treatment to increase blood flow to help ED.

GAINSWave doesn’t just have to be for men with ED, it is also a great solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual function.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Men are living longer, which means that we need to make sure that men look and feel their best as they age. It is important to maintain a good quality of life as we age.

As you age, your testosterone lowers. And as a result you can experience a lot of negative effects like:

  • Poor libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Fatigue
  • Mental fogginess and depression


Also known as the Priapus Shot, it is a cutting-edge procedure that improves sexual performance by injecting plasma-enriched growth factors from your own blood into specific areas of the penis.

Yes, you heard that right.

And, yes we know, it may sound scary…

But, don’t worry. It’s pain-free and worth the long-lasting benefits.

Actually, one study showed that out of 47,000 treatments, there was not one complication.

Pretty good odds, huh?

Have a look into the P-Shot procedure.

For Women

Viveve Treatment

Viveve Treatment

The Viveve treatment is a clinically proven, innovative and nonsurgical treatment option to improve women’s intimate health. It works by stimulating collagen in the vagina with cutting-edge radiofrequency technology making the vagina tighter and increasing vaginal sensitivity.

It was created to regenerate the collagen in the vagina that can be lost due to aging, giving birth, and other factors to improve women’s lives and restore women’s confidence.



Also known as the Orgasm Shot, this is a painless and natural way to rejuvenate a women’s ability to orgasm by taking a small amount of your own blood from the arm, and extracting the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and re-injecting into the vaginal tissue and clitoris. This stimulates blood flow giving you more sexual pleasure and better orgasms.

I know it sounds like a little scary, but there is nothing to worry about. It is safe, pain-free and offers lasting benefits that you won’t regret.

You don’t have to live with these sexual health challenges anymore because O-Shot is here to help.